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Antedo has provided engineering and technical management services to various prime contractors for antenna and telescope projects. Examples are the three 34-meter diameter wheel and track antennas for the NASA DSN under contract to JPL.

Antedo, acting as prime contractor for turn key antenna and radio telescope projects, designed and implemnted 13 meter LOT antennas for the US Air Force and three 21 meter radio telescopes for KASI of South Korea. These antenna and radio telescope designs were developed as custom designs to meet specific customer specifications and requirements and all of them met the objective of the system they support. Antedo’s success is based on selecting subcontractors with proven experience and knowhow and establishing a working team approach. Antedo engineers worked very closely with the subcontractors, monitoring their work and progress very closely and provided real time technical support. Antedo technical staff attended and controlled all the factory inspection and tests as well as field installation and alignment tests.

Antedo has received commendation for the 13 meter TOS antenna delivered to SES of Luxembourg and Group Achievement Award for the 34 meter DSS-54 JPL antenna which are displayed below.

Antedo Accomplishments in Chronological Order


Design, develop and implement three 21-Meter radio telescopes comprising the Korean VLBI Network (KVN) under contract from Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI).

KVN 21 Meter RT

Project integration management services for the 50-meter LMT/GTM radio telescope under a contract from University of Massachussetts (UMASS).

9.3-meter Ku/C band monopulse-tracking antenna for Indra of Spain

13-meter TT&C S-band monopulse tracking antennas for the US Air Force under contract from Honeywell.

6-meter Ka Band and 13-meter Ku/Ka Band antennas for Société Europeenne des Satellites (SES) in Luxembourg.

Design ofa 9-meter Ku band antenna for SES under a contract from Hitec of Luxembourg.

Engineering and technical management services for JPL 34-meter DSN antennas under a contract from Schwartz-Hautmont of Spain, the prime contractor.


34-meter DSN antenna

Engineering and management services for the Magellan Telescope domes under a contract from S-H of Spain.

Upgrade of 20-meter antenna drives and control system under contract from a classifed US government agency.


Key Personnel


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