Key Personnel

Key Personnel

Antedo’s key technical staff is comprised of highly experienced and knowledgable senior engineers complemented by very talented young engineers. In addition Antedo has arrangements with a group of consultants to obtain necessary support related to their specific talent and experience.

Antedo’s senior staff, before joining Antedo, worked for major corporations such as Rohr Corporation , Ford Aerospace, and TIW, all leaders in the antenna and radio telescope field. They each played major roles in the design and development of antennas and radio telescopes in sizes ranging from 10-meters to 100-meters.  These project were mostly for US Government agencies  such as USASCA , NATO III, and other classified projects, including a 100-meter radio telescope for NRAO.

Short curriculum vitaes of KEY Antedo key engineers and consultants are presented below:

M.U."Charlie" Taysi, Engineering Manager
MS CE, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
More than 35 years experience in structural analysis, design and fabrication of large antennas, radio and optical telescopes and and enclosures for telescopes.
Managed fabrication projects in Italy, Mexico, Canada and Spain
R. W. "Bill" Bertron, Technical Director
BSME, University of California, Berkeley (Registered Professional Engineer)
More than 30 years experience in antenna and telescope mechanical design and fabrication.
Served as engineering dept. manager at Ford Aerospace and Loral Corporation for 20 years.
August L. Clancy, Structural Engineer
BSCE, San Diego State University, San Diego, California
(Registered Civil Engineer, California)
More than 30 years experience in antenna structural design and fabrication of large steerable antennas and telescopes
for Rohr Industries, Ford Aerospace and TIW Systems.
Edward Chapman, System Engineer
BSIT Studies, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
Extensive experience in earth station design and construction with emphasis on antenna and control systems design. Specialized in the design and integration of satellite communication and ground stations worldwide.
Victor Wu, Senior Engineer
MSCE, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
(Registered Structural Engineer, California)
Extensive experience in structural analysis and engineering of antenna structures and mobile communication structures, Expert in dynamic and static finite element analysis which includes survival, seismic, thermal, static and vibration.
Key Personnel



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