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International Engineering and Management Consulting Services


Antedo, Inc. is now, Antedo Consulting Services. Antedo Consulting Services provides consulting services to major prime contractors involved in the business of building antennas, radio telescopes and solar trackers.

Antedo Consulting Services is founded on the rich 15 year heritage of Antedo, Inc.. In addition to providing engineering and management services, Antedo, Inc. designed and built antennas and radio telescopes for worldwide companies and institutions such as SES of Luxemburg, Honeywell, INDRA and KASI of South Korea.

Antedo Consulting Services is also extended into Solar Collector business by engaging in engineering consulting services for companies involved in solar collectors business, especially in solar trackers because of our consultants background and experience in tracking systems.


Antenna and Radio Telescope Consulting Service includes the following:

  • Feasibility and cost studies
  • Support for proposal preparation
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical system design
  • Generating Statement of Work for Subcontracting work
  • Generating inspection and test procedures
  • Generating field installation and alignment procedures
  • Provide technical instructions to support procurement
  • Foundation design consulting

Solar Tracker Consulting Services includes the following:

  • Feasibility and cost studies of solar trackers
  • Efficiency vs cost calculation of solar trackers
  • Maintenance study of solar trackers
  • Design solar trackers to customer specifications
  • Developing production methods and associated cost


Antedo Consulting Service is owned by M.U. (Charlie) Taysi and its key staff members include Bill Bertron, Ed Chapman, Augie Clancy and Charlie Taysi who were the main contributors to the success of Antedo Inc. Antedo Consulting has also association to several consultants specialized related field of engineering.

  • Bill Bertron
  • Ed Chapman
  • Augie Clancy
  • Charlie Taysi


  • Design and Construction of 13 meter Ku/Ka band antenna for SES of Luxembourg.
  • Design and Construction of 2 each 6 meter Ku band antennas for SES of Luxembourg
  • Design and construction of 2 each 13 meter TT&C monopulse tracking antennas for US Air Force under a contract from Honeywell
  • Design and contraction of 9.3 meter C/Ku ban antenna for INDRA of Spain
  • Design and Construction of 3 each 21 meter 150 GHz antenna system for KASI of S. Korea.
  • Engineering and management services for JPL 34 meter antenna construction under a contract from prime contractor S-H of Spain
  • Engineering and management services for the 50-meter LMT/GTM radio telescope under a contract from UMASS, Mass.

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